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OUR PRODUCTSWe create drone platform (including bombing drone, reconnaissance & attack drone, reconnaissance drone, and suicide drone), drone signal detection and simulation devices, ground control station, gimbal camera, anti-interference navigation system, data link, bomb-gear, airburst, etc.

Latest Products
Drone Platform
Fixed Wing Drones
Multirotor Drones
Other Drones
Drone Signal Detection and Simulation Devices
Signal Detector
Signal Simulation Device
Ground Control Station
Gimbal Camera
Dragon VT360R
Dragon VT360RL
Dragon V360R
Dragon T50R
Dragon VT30
Dragon V30S
Dragon T50
Dragon M7
Anti-interference Navigation System
Data Link
Bomb-gear & Airburst
Bomb-gear for Fixed-wing Drone
Bomb-gear for Multi-rotor Drone

Product Features

Cost-Effective Solutions

Achieve tasks at low costs, minimize personnel risks.


Operates efficiently in low temperatures and high altitudes

Advanced Intelligence

Advanced AI technology for
combat efficiency.

Stealth Capabilities

Low detectability
with minimal radar and thermal signature.


Strong resistance to communication and navigation disruption.

Modular Design

Fast assembly and disassembly for flexibility.

Heavy Load

Maximum payload capacity exceeds 100 kg.

Long Endurance

Flight times exceeding 10 hours

Swarm Capable

Support for up to 100-drone clusters.

Vertical Take-off

Minimal space and airspace requirements.

Long Range

Signal transmission and control up to 150 km.

High Precision

Accurate reconnaissance and strike capabilities.