*loong AD80 admin 2024年1月17日


AD80 drone data link has a transmission distance of up to 80km, and can effectively improve the stability of data transmission with the use of its tracking antenna as well as effectively avoid interference from any counter-drone system and improve flight safety.


Working frequency:1.4GHz

Channel bandwidth:5/10/20MHz

Output power:33dBm±1dB

Communication distance:80-100km

Air rate:30Mbps@20MHz

Power consumption:≤10W

  • 【High Integration】Integrated design to improve transmission stability.
  • 【Stable Performance】Fast cooling design to improve performance stability.
  • 【High Reliability】Data encryption, decoding and transmission to ensure information security.
  • 【Avoidance of Interference】With function of automatically evading counter drone system toimprove flight safety
  • 【80km+ VTX Distance】Industry-leading transmission distance of more than 80km.
  • 【Antenna】Tracking Antenna
  • 【Anti-interference】Automatic avoidance

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