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Bomb-gear for Fixed-wing Drone

Wyvern T2: A bomb-dropping device designed for 82 mm mortars up to 3.1 kg.

Wyvern T4: Using a reliable and stable caliper-type fixed structure, it can be played with one key, with a safe pin, and can be automatically dropped through the remote ground station.

Wyvern T6: The firing device designed for the 60 mm mortar within 1.6kg adopts a reliable and stable caliper fixed structure, which can be fired with a key and has a safety pin. It can be triggered by the lever device of the remote ground station, or automatically dropped by the route.


Diameter & weight: Wyvern T2: 82 mm, 3.1 kg / unit; Wyvern T4: 82 mm, 3.1 kg / unit; Wyvern T6: 60 mm, 1.6 kg / unit

Carrying Capacity: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 shells

Caliber Options: 60 mm, 82 mm, 120 mm

Release Method: Automatic or manual

Number of assembly: 2/4/6 units

Installation mode: spring calipers

Insurance device: plug pin

Material: aluminum alloy + carbon plate

    • Automatic launch of air routes.
    • Reliable and stable caliper-type fixed structure.
    • Can be played with one button, with a safety pin.
    • The lever dial device of the remote ground station triggers the bomb drop.

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