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It has the functions of HD image retrieval, flight path planning, flight mode adjustment, flight status acquisition, drone payload control, etc; In order to improve the service performance under harsh environment, the industrial IP rating level is up to IP54; The remote control design has built-in modules such as long-distance communication radio, HD image receiver, large independent display screen, high-performance industrial computer motherboard, etc.


Weight: 8.4 Kg

Shell: aluminum alloy + rubber

Battery: 18650 battery, 13Ah; Duration 4 hours

Operating temperature: -20~60℃

Computer: Intel Core processor i7_6650U; memory 8G (scalable); solid state drive 128G supports maximum 1T extension

Dimensions: L307.5 * W407.5 * H102mm

Footrest: fixed quick remove tripod

Video output: external USB to HDMI

Storage temperature: -20~70℃

Display: 15.6-inch image display, resolution 1920 * 1080; 12.1-inch computer display, brightness 1500 nits

    • Protection level reaches IP54 · built-in smart battery, battery life is up to 4 hours
    • Integrated remote control, mount control, route planning and other functions and integration
    • Dual screen display 15.6-inch HD image display on screen; 12.1-inch HD highlight off screen, brightness up to 1500 nits

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