Combat Attack Drone

A single drone can mount multiple attack ammunitions, has a strong ability to strike on the ground, and has the ability to operate independently and in groups.

Reconnaissance and Striking Drone

The reconnaissance and strike functions are combined into one, using the airborne reconnaissance equipment to search, discover, and lock the target, and use the carried ammunition to carry out fire strikes on the discovered targets.

Surveillance Reconnaissance Drone

For day and night aerial reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance, reconnaissance target positioning and distance, calibrated artillery fire, battlefield damage assessment, border patrol.

Military Industry Solutions

UAVs have the advantages of multiple combat uses, strong survivability, and low requirements for the combat environment. UAV is an important equipment for information warfare and network-centric warfare. Its successful application in the battlefield has opened a new chapter in non-contact warfare dominated by intelligent long-range attack weapons.
With the advancement of electronic technology, the role of drones in reconnaissance missions has become more important. As high-tech is widely used in UAVs, UAVs are undergoing reborn changes and will fly into the future with a brand-new attitude.


Easy to operate
The accuracy error of bombing is less than 3 meters
The price of cruise missiles, the effectiveness of bombers, the accuracy of missiles
Carried and Operated by Single Soldier
Support 100 Formation Operations
Strong Stealth
Low and slow small target, no heat source, small radar reflector
One-button operation, fully automatic bombing
Strong Anti-interference
Super Battlefield Survivability
Standardized Design
Multi-function Switching
Suicide Attack Capability
Support dynamic target precision attack


Loong 4 - Precision Surveillance and Striking drone

Loong 4 reconnaissance and attack drone bomber is a medium-sized multicopter, features heavy load and long flight time. The maximum load is 10kg, and it supports RTK high-precision positioning system.

  • AI tracking and recognition
  • Automatic bombing
  • 10Kg Task load
  • 5000m Hightest altitude
  • 80min Flight time
  • Bombing accuracy ≤2m
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Loong 5 - Swarm Bombing Drone

Loong 5 Reconnaissance strike VTOL is a medium and large unmanned bomber, which has the characteristics of large bomb load,long flight time, etc. The maximum load is 15kg, and endurance is more than 200 minutes. It adopts double tail support Type layout, Cruise flight uses two sets of independent power systems, with dual backup power.

  • One-key take-off and landing
  • Single bomb and multi bomb mode
  • 80km/h Fastest speed
  • 240min Flight time
  • 20Kg Task load
  • 280km Maximum range
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Loong 1E - Small-sized Targeting Reconnaissance Drone

Loong 1E reconnaissance VTOL is a single combat compound wing UAV, features long flight time, convenient carrying and rapid deployment. It supports multiple mission payloads such as single lens, dual lens, triple lens paylaod and high-definition camera, and can be used for medium and long distance war situation reconnaissance, target search and high-precision positioning.

  • Meter-level coordinate acquisition accuracy
  • 150km Maximum range
  • 150min Flight time
  • 72km/h Fastest speed
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Loong 2 - Reconnaissance Drone

The Freefly Star8 multi-rotor unpacks, ready to shoot, in under 5 minutes. It is easy to fly in our hands, powerful, rigid, adaptable and reliable, and is a UAV optimized for up to 15-pound payloads.

  • High-definition video transmission
  • 360° heading free rotation
  • Target locking
  • Picture tracking
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AirShow China 2022-LoongUAV tactical drone attracts attention due to Russia-Ukraine war

On November 13, 2022, the 14th Airshow China ended perfectly in Zhuhai. Many interesting UAV products were exhibited in this air show, such as the WJ-700 “Falcon” large-scale inspection and attack UAV of the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry, AVIC’s Wing Loong-1E medium and low altitude UAV, LoongUAV’s Loong 4 multi-rotor precision surveillance tactical drone, China Aerospace Science…