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Built-in high-performance MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and a full-system, full-frequency, high-precision positioning and orientation module, outputting information such as the carrier’s attitude, heading, position, and speed. When GNSS is not available, it can continuously output inertially calculated position, velocity, and attitude information, keeping navigation accuracy.


Heading Accuracy

Dual GNSS: 0.1°, 2m baseline (RMS)

Single GNSS: 0.1°

Magnetic Combined Accuracy: 2° (GNSS Invalid)

Attitude Accuracy

GNSS Effective: 0.1°

Inertial/Odometer Combined: 0.1°

V-G Mode: < 2°


Measurement Range: ± 16g

Zero Bias Stability: 30μg


Voltage: 5~36 VDC

Power: ≤ 3W

Dimensions: 80*53*23 mm

Weight: ≤ 150g


IP Protection Rating: IP65

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 70°C

Vibration: 20~2000 Hz,6.06 g

Shock: 30 g,11 ms

MTBF: 30000 h


Measurement Range: ± 450°/s

Zero Bias Stability: 2 °/h

Satellite Board

Cold start: 35 s

Warm start: 5 s

Receiver type: GPS+GLO+BDS

Mechanical: ≤ 4 g

Velocity: ≤ 500 m/s

Altitude: ≤ 80000 m

    • Built-in high-performance MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer.
    • Inertial navigation capability when GNSS is invalid.
    • Accuracy guaranteed within the -40~70°C range.
    • Features sway and dynamic base alignment functions.
    • Outputs raw data of IMU and satellite navigation board.

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