*loong MD80 admin 2024年1月17日


MD80 drone data link has a transmission distance of up to 80km, and can effectively avoid interference from any counter-drone system and improve flight safety.


Working frequency:1.4GHz

Channel bandwidth:5/10/20MHz

Output power:33dBm±1dB

Communication distance:80-100km

Air rate:30Mbps@20MHz

Power consumption:≤10W

      • 【High Integration】Integrated design to improve transmission stability.
      • 【Stable Performance】Fast cooling design to improve performance stability.
      • 【High Reliability】Data encryption, decoding and transmission to ensure information security.
      • 【Avoidance of Interference】With function of automatically evading counter drone system to improve flight safety
      • 【80km+ VTX Distance】Industry-leading transmission distance of more than 80km.
      • 【Antenna】Standard
      • 【Anti-interference】Composite data links

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