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Smaug VT22-2000

Uncooled Multi-spectral Intelligent Tracking Camera

Integrated ultra long focal visible light fog transparent HD network camera, remote passive infrared thermal imaging detector, intelligent recognition module.


Thermal Camera

Focal length: 30-150 mm

Resolution: 640*512

Pixel Pitch: 17 μm

Spectral Band: 7.5-14 μm

NETD: ≤40 mK

Frame Rate: 25 / 30 fps



Visible Light Detection Distance: ≥5 km

Thermal Imaging Detection Distance: ≥2 km

Visible Light Tracking Distance: ≥4 km

Thermal Imaging Tracking Distance: ≥1.5 km

Target Recognition Quantity: ≥20

Target Search Frequency: ≥25 FPS

Target Locking Delay: ≤100 ms

Target Tracking Frequency: ≥25 FPS

Single Frame Tracking Delay: ≤40 ms

Target Recognition Frequency: ≥50 FPS

Single Frame Comparison Delay: ≤20 ms

Target Maximum Speed: 20 m/s


Control Accuracy: ±0.01°

Horizontal Rotation Range: 360°

Vertical Rotation Range: -45~ 70°

Max. Horizontal Speed: 0.05°~80°/s

Max. Pitch Speed: 0.05°~80°/s

Zoom Camera

Focal length: 12.3-800mm

Frame Rate: 25 / 30 fps

Resolution: 1920*1080

Optical Zoom: 65x

Image Defogging: Optical Defogging


Power Source: DC 24V / 10A

Total Power: ≤300 W

Dimensions: 618*500*675 mm

Weight: 75 kg


IP Protection Rating: IP66

Operating Temperature: -20~60 ℃

    • High-definition image resolution.
    • Auto-focus during tracking with radar distance info.
    • Over 80 target classification recognition.
    • Compatibility with radar, RF detection, TDOA systems.
    • Capable of physical tracking and positioning of moving targets.
    • Integrated visible light and infrared thermal imaging

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