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Smaug S8-5000

Simulated Angle 5km Fixed Navigation Decoy Device

By radiating low-power regenerative navigation satellite signals (with a power of no more than 10 dBm), the system intrudes into the navigation systems of drones, thus achieving interception and control of drones that need to use navigation systems for flight control. This prevents them from entering protected areas.


GPS Spoofing

Max. Effective Range: 5000 m

Operating Frequency Band: GPS (L1 1575.42MHz) / GLONASS (G1 1602.0MHz) / BeiDou (E1 1575.42MHz) / Galileo (B1 1561.098MHz)


Power Source: AC 220V

Dimensions: 447*375*171 mm

Weight: 12 kg


IP Protection Rating: IP66

Operating Temperature: -40~70 ℃

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