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LOONG M5-5000

LOONG M5-5000: 5kg Payload 3h Endurance 28 m/s Cruising Speed.



Front Wingspan:1.7 m

Rear Wingspan:1.4 m

Body length: 1.6 m




Max. Takeoff Weight:15 kg

Max. Payload:5 kg


Flying Machine Mode:Manual Flight, Autoroute Flight

Oil Volume:Gasoline engine (40L)

Max. Flight Time:3 h

Cruising Speed:28 m/s

Stall Speed:21 m/s

Max. Flight Altitude:4000 m

Max. Wind Resistance:Level 6

      • Tube launch, parachute recovery.
      • Maximum load of 5KG, can meet a variety of operating environments.
      • Withdrawal of the system is as simple as re-stacking the umbrellas and placing them in the launch tubes, and can be accomplished completely by a skilled operator in a matter of minutes.

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