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Smaug J7-5000

Backpack-type Signal Simulation Device: The backpack-type signal simulation device is simple to operate, convenient to install and disassemble, and the built-in battery can meet the outbound combat tasks. It can be used alone or composed of a “Detection and attacks as one” system with signal detection equipment. It adopts ergonomic design and flexible combat mode, and interferes with the UAV by transmitting specific frequency band electromagnetic waves, thus blocking the flight control link or signal transmission system of the UAV. To achieving the target crash-landing or deportation.


Operating Frequency Band: (Eight Channels ) 1555~1620 MHz / 2400~2500 MHz / 5840~5995 MHz / 5100~5350 MHz / 5725~5840 MHz /860~930 MHz / 1380~1450 MHz / 400~450 MHz

Transmit Power: (50W/Channel) 900 / 1.5 / 2.4 / 5.2 / 5.8 / 5.9 / 1.4 / 433

Battery Capacity: Resistant to low temperature about 10000 mAh

Simulated Distance: ≥2 km

Covering Angle: 360°

Endurance Time: 30 ~ 45 min

Charging Mode: AC 220V

Dimensions: 40 cm*28 cm*12.5 cm

Fuselage Weight: 11.5 kg

Total Transmitted Power: 400 W

Antenna Gain: ≥10dBi

  • Support internal battery power supply and AC power supply.
  • External high gain omnidirectional antenna, long transmitting distance, accurate controllable range.
  • Simple to operate, it can be used independently by a single person, no need to configure professional operators.

  • Backpack appearance design, easy to carry.

  • The transmitting power of a single module is up to >50W, and the transmitting power of the whole machine can break through to >400W.

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