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Smaug J6-2000

The Signal Source Automatically Tracks The Simulation Device: According to the UAV position information given by the detector, the UAV can be automatically tracked,and the target UAV can be accurately tracked and driven away through signal simulation technology, forcing the UAV to hover, land or return



Power Source: AC 220V

Dimensions: 305*305*580 mm

Weight: 12.8 kg


Max. Interference Distance: 2 km

Frequency Band: 300 MHz – 6 GHz

Channel Number: 6

Response Time: 3s

Simulation Angle: 45°

Horizontal rotation speed: 30 °/s

Pitch range: -40~60°


IP Protection Rating: IP66

Operating Temperature: -40~70 ℃

    • Auto-track drones in 360 degrees.
    • Pan-tilt rotation speed over 30°/s.
    • Software-set simulation channels within 300MHz-6GHz range.
    • Collaborates with detector for seamless drone tracking.
    • Built-in GPS for easy network deployment.

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