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Smaug J4-2000

8-channel Omnidirectional Signal Simluating Device: Through the multi-band omnidirectional electromagnetic signal simulation technology, the remote control link, map transmission link and navigation signal of the UAV can be simulated and blocked, and the UAV can be forced to land or drive away.



Power Source: AC 220V

Dimensions: 465*510*233 mm

Weight: 21 kg

Signal Source Simulation

Max. Simulated Distance: 2 km

Simluation Frequency Band:

800 MHz / 900 MHz / 1.2 GHz

1.4GHz / 1.6GHz / 2.4GHz

5.2GHz / 5.8GHz

Simulation Channel Number: 8

Simulation Response Time: 3s

Simulation Angle: 360° horizontal and 90° vertical

    • 360° omnidirectional defense against multiple drones.
    • Up to 8 channels for increased flexibility.
    • Forced landing and return home countermeasures.
    • Customizable frequency bands and channels per demand.
    • Supports DJI series, other brands, and DIY drones.

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