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Smaug J1-1500

1.5km Long Distance Hand-gun Type Signal Simulatorc.


Signal Simulation

Signal Simulation Distance: 1500 m

Antenna Gain: ≥10 dBi

Signal Simulation Response Time: 1s

Signal Simulation Angle: 60°


Power Source: LiPo

Total Power: 350 W

Operation Time: 45 min

Dimensions: 850*278.5*82.8 mm

Weight: 4 kg


IP Protection Rating:IP54

Operating Temperature:-20~60℃


Package Dimensions 918*339*130 mm

Package Weight:6kg

    • Detachable 7000mAh low-temperature resistant battery.
    • Signal simulation capabilities include crash landing and return.
    • Maximum 30W power per channel.
    • Up to 8 channels for increased flexibility.
    • Equipped with aiming sight and portable backpack.
    • Includes car charger for added convenience.
    • Customizable frequency bands and channels per demand.

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