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Smaug D7-5000

Portable Signal Source Detection Device: Portable signal source detection devices, real-time acquisition of peripheral radio signals when the equipment is operating, scanning according to the configured frequency band. When the low-altitude UAV target enters the defense area, the suspicious link signal is monitored and identified to obtain the target working frequency band, distance and other information. The device can not only detect the drone, but also identify the drone’s model, serial number, longitude, latitude, altitude, pilot position, and the location of the return point. The device is passive detection which does not produce any electromagnetic signal simulation to the outside world, green and safe, suitable for long-term continuous scenario.



Power Source: LiPo

Operation Time: ≥20 hours

Dimensions: 520*415*224mm

Weight: 18 kg


IP Protection Rating: IP65

Operating Temperature: -20~60 ℃

Omnidirectional Detection

Detection Range: 6 km

Max. Detection Height: 500 m

Frequency Range: 20 Mhz – 6 Ghz

Detection Time: 3 s

Detection Angle: Horizontal 360°, Vertical -90° to +90°

Detection Success Rate: 97%

Positioning Accuracy: ≤5 m

Simultaneous Detection: ≥10

Black List: Support


Resolution: 1080P (1920*1200)

Size: 10.1 inches


Package Dimensions: 600*450*230 mm

Package Weight: 20 kg

    • The maximum detection distance is 6 km.
    • Single device achieves drone target positioning.
    • Passive detection, no electromagnetic emission.
    • Whitelisted drones won’t trigger alarms.
    • Supports DJI series, other brands, and DIY drones.
    • Controlled via a touch-enabled large screen.
    • Displays drone flight path.

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