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Smaug D5-2000

Smaug D5-2000 is a handheld detection device.

The handheld detection device is a portable product that can accurately locate the UAV and the pilot (remote control). The single device can detect and identify the serial number, model, position, speed, altitude, track and pilot position of the UAV within 1-3 kilometers and other multidimensional information, which also can be used online or offline.



Power Source: LiPo

Operation Time: 4 hours

Dimensions: 170*85*55 mm

Weight: 0.5 kg

Omnidirectional Detection

Detection Range: 1~3 km (Variability by environment and model)

Frequency Range: 900 Mhz / 2.4 Ghz / 5.8 Ghz / 1.1 Ghz / 1.2 Ghz / 1.4 Ghz, etc.

Detection Time: 1 s

Success Rate: 99%

Positioning Accuracy: ≤5 m

Simultaneous Detection: ≥5 (Simultaneous)



IP Protection Rating: IP54

Operating Temperature: -20~65 ℃


Package Dimensions: 200*100*60 mm

Package Weight: 0.8 kg

    • Single device achieves drone target positioning.
    • Passive detection, no electromagnetic emission.
    • Whitelisted drones won’t trigger alarms.
    • Precisely detects and locates remote controller.
    • Supports DJI series, other brands, and DIY drones.
    • Displays drone flight path.

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