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Smaug D3-2000

Smaug D3-2000 is a handheld signal detector.



Power Source: LiPo

Operation Time: 6 hours

Dimensions: 240*66*48 mm

Weight: 1050 g


Package Dimensions: 470*430*150 mm

Package Weight: 6 kg

Omnidirectional Detection

Max Detection Range: 1000 m

Frequency Range: 1.1 Ghz/1.2 Ghz/1.4 Ghz/2.4 Ghz/5.8 Ghz

Simultaneous Detection: ≥10

Detection Time: ≤ 2 s

Directional Detection: 

Max Detection Range: 2000 m

Frequency Range: 2.4 Ghz/5.8 Ghz


IP Protection Rating: IP65

Operating Temperature: -20~65 ℃

    • Detects over 10 drones simultaneously.
    • Passive detection, no electromagnetic emission.
    • Used standalone or on the signal simulation devices.
    • Features direction-finding capabilities.
    • Identifies multiple types of drones.

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