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Smaug D2-10000

Fixed Signal Detection Device: Through radio frequency scanning feature identification and decoding, to find, direction finding illegal intrusion UAV, support stand-alone work and networking work, system integration is high, one-piece design. Through a wide range of frequency scanning, detect and intercept the remote control, picture transmission and other signals between the drone and the remote control operator which can work continuously at night. thick fog and bad weather, can be linked with the countermeasures device.



Power Source: AC 220V

Weight: 17 kg


IP Protection Rating: IP66

Operating Temperature: -40~70 ℃


Omnidirectional Detection

Max. Detection Range: >5 km

Frequency Range: 45MHz~6GHz

Sweep Frequency Band: 433MHz / 800MHz / 900MHz

1.4GHz / 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz

Receiving sensitivity: ≤-110 dBm

Scanning Range: 360°

Detection Range: 360°

Detection Time: 3 s

Direction Finding Accuracy: ≤3°

Ranging accuracy: ≤10%

Simultaneous Detection: ≥10

    • 45MHz-6GHz ultra-wide band range, rich spectrum signature storage.
    • Passive detection, it does not actively emit electromagnetic signals.
    • Long operating distance, 360° all-round coverage.
    • Provide accurate directional information to the target UAV.
    • It can detect, identify and find multiple UAV targets at the same time.

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