Wyvern bomb release gear is a bomb dropping device designed for mortars, using a reliable and stable caliper fixed structure, which can be loaded with one button, with a safety pin, which can trigger the bomb drop through the lever device of the remote ground station, or the automatic delivery of the route.


Stable Structure

Caliper-fixing structure, adaptable to various dimensions

One-key Operation

Support one-key operation with safety pin

Remote Control

Support ground control station remote trigger bombing

Auto Dropping

Support automatic generation of bomb-dropping routes


Bomb Caliber/Weight

82mm(3.1kg) / 60mm(1.6kg) / 120mm(13.5kg)

Loadable Quantity

The number is optional, depending on the capacity of the aircraft

Dropping Method

Automated route/manual

Loading Method

Gear calipers

Safety device



Aluminum alloy + Carbon plate