Smaug TDOA-10000 Fixed Detection & Locating Equipment

This device uses radio frequency scanning for feature recognition and decoding to detect and identify unauthorized invading drones. It can form a TDOA high-precision positioning system by connecting multiple devices, enabling effective detection, identification, tracking, and location of low-altitude drones. It also provides real-time target alerts, trajectory tracking, and pilot finding functions.

  • Maz Detection Range: 10 km
  • Frequency Range: 45MHz~6GHz
  • Detection Time: 3 s


  • 4 devices form a TDOA high-precision positioning system
  • 45MHz-6GHz ultra-wide frequency range
  • Passive detection without electromagnetic signal emission
  • Provides 3D coordinates for drones and controllers
  • Multiple drones detectable with dynamic trajectory display


Maz Detection Range

10 km

Frequency Range


Detection Time

3 s

Direction Finding Accuracy


Positioning Accuracy


Simultaneous Detection


Power Source



305*305*580 mm


12.8 kg

IP Protection Rating


Operating Temperature

-40~70 ℃

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