Smaug R20-15000 15km Azimuth & Elevation Scanning 3D Coordinate Radar

This radar can be interfaced with an optoelectronic system, enabling integration with countermeasure devices such as jammers, laser weapons, and navigation decoy systems.

  • Radar Band: X-Band (9~10.2 GHz)
  • Detection Range: 5000 m
  • Detectable Target Speed: 1-200 m/s
  • Elevation Detection Range: 0-30°
  • Range Accuracy: ≤10m
  • Technical System: Pulse-Doppler Radar


Radar Band

X-Band (9~10.2 GHz)

Detection Range

5000 m

Detectable Target Speed

1-200 m/s

Range Accuracy


Elevation Detection Range


Positioning Accuracy


Elevation Accuracy


Technical System

Pulse-Doppler Radar

Data Rate

6 s

Target Capacity

200 targets

Power Source


Total Power

400 W


990*450*650 mm


66 kg

IP Protection Rating


Operating Temperature


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