LOONG 5 Drone Platform

LOONG 5 is a medium and large unmanned bomber, with the characteristics of large bomb load and flight time. With a maximum load of 20kg and a flight time of up to 240 minutes, it adopts a double-tail brace layout, and the cruising flight uses 2 independent power systems and dual power backup.

  • 20KG Payload
  • 240MIN Endurance
  • 5M Eletric VTOL Fixed Wing Drone


Wing type

Compound wing (4+2)

Body dimensions


Take-off weight

55 kg

Max. load

10~20 kg

Cruise speed

Economic speed 20~22 m/s

Max. speed

50 m/s

Max. control radius

30~80 km(optional)

Max. flight time

240 min(no load)

Sea level rise and fall rate

±5 m/s


30000mAh 6s*6pcs

Quiet scout altitude

300 m

Altitude ceiling

4500 m(±500 m)

Max. laser ranging

3000 m

Wind resistance

Level 7

Working temperature


IP rating

IP54 light rain proof

Package Products

LOONG 5F Anti-Radiation Reconnaissance Edition

The reverse detection and positioning system is used for the identification, positioning and tracking of UAV counter equipment. The system realizes efficient management and control of UAV countermeasure equipment. It can provide functions such as radio monitoring, identification and positioning of UAV countermeasure equipment, and walking track tracking. It can be mounted on a variety of vertical UAVs to achieve flexible deployment and control at multiple points, and can accurately locate and identify UAV interference equipment.

Package Composition



LOONG 5B Medium Precision Bomber Version

The UAV carries a variety of combat units, discovers important targets, and conducts real-time attacks on ground and sea targets to achieve ``combination of observation and attack.`` Can reduce casualties and improve troop attack capability. UAVs can be pre-deployed to destroy targets at longer distances.

Package Composition

Wyvern T4

Wyvern T4The Wyvern T4 bomb release gear is a device designed for 82mm caliber mortars within 3.5kg.Functions & Features Stable [...]


LOONG 5S Remote Laser Irradiation Version

UAVs with laser guidance function are used to guide artillery to carry out precise strikes on targets. Under the guidance of drones, artillery units or fighter pilots can successfully and accurately lock the target according to the laser irradiation information system.

Package Composition

Dragon VT360RL

Dragon VT360RLThe Dragon VT360RL pod integrates visible light, thermal imaging and lidar distance measurement and can use drone to measure [...]


LOONG 5D Loitering Munition

The loitering munition drone can carry up multiple combat payload whose Max. weight goes up to 20kg, including high-explosive payloads, steel ball payloads, and graphite fiber payloads. The drone uses vertical take-off and landing, and can complete combat deployment without tools. At the same time, the drone uses pure electric drive with high-efficiency motors, and can complete tasks such as quiet patrolling and precise attacks etc.

Package Composition

Dragon VT30R

Dragon VT30RThe Dragon VT30R EO+IR+lidar pod integrates visible light, thermal and lidar distance measuring function, which can use drone to [...]


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