LOONG 3 Drone Platform

LOONG 3 is a small surveillance drone, which can be used for reconnaissance, patrol, precision strike and other purposes. It has a long flight time, heavy payload capacity without need for flight runway. It is used as an unmanned tool for one unit penetration attack in war.

  • Wingspan: 3914 mm
  • Max Payload: 10 kg
  • Max Flight Time: 160 min
  • Transmission Range: 80 km


Body length

1899 mm


3914 mm

Aircraft Weight

15.3 kg

Max Payload

10 kg

Max Takeoff Weight

35 kg

Max Flight Time

160 min

Cruising Speed

23 m/s

Max Horizontal Speed

37 m/s

Max Ascent Speed

3.5 m/s

Max Descent Speed

2.5 m/s

Max Flight Altitude

4500 m

Transmission Range

80 km



Max Wind Resistance

Level 7

IP Protection Rating


Operating Temperature


Package Dimensions

Fuselage Box: 1580*660*760 mm
Tail Box: 960*550*650 mm

Package Weight

Fuselage Box: 38 kg
Tail Box: 15 kg

Package Products

LOONG 3A Long Endurance Reconnaissance + Artillery Calibration

With different intelligent reconnaissance and detection equipments, the drone can secretly sneak into the enemy area of tight protection. It can intelligently detect and collect reliable combat information for strategic, campaign and tactical reconnaissance, monitoring the battlefield and combat operations.

Package Composition

Dragon VT30R

Dragon VT30RThe Dragon VT30R EO+IR+lidar pod integrates visible light, thermal and lidar distance measuring function, which can use drone to [...]


LOONG 3B Precision Bombing

With different combat equipments, the drone can locate important targets start real-time attack on ground and sea ones to realize reconnaissance and attack with one drone. It can reduce casualties and improve troop attack capability. It can be pre-deployed to destroy targets at longer distances.

Package Composition

Wyvern T2

Wyvern T2The Wyvern T2 bomb release gear is a device designed for 82mm caliber mortars within 3.5kg.Functions & Features Stable [...]


LOONG 3C Battlefield Mapping

With photoelectric sensors, the drone can achieve all-weather reconnaissance and replace some functions of satellites. With the HD photography camera, clear ground pictures can be taken, and HD information scanning of the battlefield can be carried out. Also, low-speed flight and hovering can be achieved to provide real-time intelligence support for the troops.

Package Composition

Dragon M7

Dragon M7Equipped with a 42 million HD orthophoto camera, it can take HD orthophoto images of target at a high [...]


LOONG 3S Proximity Laser Irradiation

Use of laser to guide artillery, the drone can carry out precise attacks on targets. Under the guidance of drones, artillery units or fighter pilots can successfully and accurately lock the target according to the laser irradiation information system.

Package Composition

Dragon VT360RL

Dragon VT360RLThe Dragon VT360RL pod integrates visible light, thermal imaging and lidar distance measurement and can use drone to measure [...]


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