Dragon VT360RL

The Dragon VT360RL pod integrates visible light, thermal imaging and lidar distance measurement and can use drone to measure precise meter-level target positioning with day and night combat capabilities.

Functions & Features

High Precision

With high-precision boresight stabilization function

Imaging Function

With visible light, infrared dual-light imaging function

Detection Identification

Capable of detecting and identifying ground targets

Auto Capture

Quick and automatic target acquisition

Operating Mode

With search, track, lock, guide and other working modes

Display function

With character overlay display function

Diagnostic function

With self-test and fault diagnosis function

Target setting

With target positioning function

Laser Ranging

With laser irradiation, ranging function


Visible Light Zoom Camera

Working wavelength

0.4 μm~0.9 μm



Pixel size

2.8 µm


1920 (H)*1080 (V)

Focal length

4.3~129mm,optical 30 times continuous zoom

Horizontal field of view


Recognition distance

≥4km (target size 2.3m*2.3m)

Longwave Uncooled Infrared Imaging

Working wavelength

8~14 μm

Focal length

35 mm / F1.0


12 μm


640 (H)*512 (V)

Field of view


Recognition distance

≥1000m (target size 2.3m*2.3m)

Laser Photometer

Working wavelength

1064 nm

Laser energy

≥25 mJ

Irradiation mode

The duration of one irradiation is not less than 20s

Irradiation performance

Coding method: precise frequency code

Accuracy rate


Ranging accuracy

≤3 m

Ranging performance

Ranging range:120 m~5 km