Loonguav Tactical Drone Shines At The Airshow China

LoongUAV participated in the 14th AirShow China held at the Zhuhai International Air Show Center from November 8 to 13, 2022, and set up a military drone booth to display the tactical drone. They’re featuring low cost, high cost-effectiveness ratio, no casualty risk, strong survivability, etc., It’s widely used on the battlefield, and their combat capability and contribution are getting bigger and bigger, became the new trend of unmanned military competition.

LoongUAV is committed to building an international leading drone industry platform and building an integrated industry application system of “air, sky, earth and sea”. At present, in order to promote the healthy development and industrial synergy of the industrial drone industry, LoongUAV deeply analyzes the development of the drone industry, develops and applies industrial-grade drones in a targeted and high-precision manner, and has mature hardware manufacturing, software development, service, ability to customize and implement solutions. Assist more enterprises to promote the implementation of projects and realize the development direction of win-win cooperation in the drone industry.

LoongUAV is committed to creating professional tactical drone systems. In order to promote the development of tactical drones, LoongUAV deeply analyzes the current situation of the tactical drone industry and develops various types of tactical drones. Through mature hardware and software collaboration capabilities, it will assist more companies to realize the wide application of tactical drones and promote the process of unmanned battlefield.