Loong 1E

The LOONG 1E is a single-soldier compound-wing drone, which
featuring long flight time, easy carrying and rapid deployment. It
supports single-light, dual-light, tri-light payloads, HD cameras and other
mission payloads, which can be used for medium and long-distance war
reconnaissance, target search, and high-precision positioning.
LOONG 1E drives by electric, with good quietness, small radar cross
section of the fuselage, and difficulty in radar scanning and interception.
By carrying a HD tri-light payload, the target position is laser tested and
the meter-level (xy≤3m) high-precision positioning coordinates are
calculated. At the same time, the HD orthophoto camera can be replaced
to take high-altitude photos of the target area, so as to obtain the target
area information safely and quickly.

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Aircraft Type Composite Wing 4+1 Take-off and Landing Method Autonomous
Dimensions 2400*1177*364mm Quiet Reconnaissance Altitude 300m
Cruising Speed 72km/h Lock Target Positioning Error ≤3m
Flight Radius 80km Laser Ranging Capability 3000m
MTOW 8kg VTX Frequency 1.4Ghz
Max. load 1kg Wind Resistance Level 6
Max. Flight Duration 150min Operating Temp. -10~60℃
Max. Range 150km IP Level IP54, Light Rain Proof
Max. Take-off Altitude 5000m Number of Operator 1 Person

Equipped with mounting


Equipped with dual-light payloads, it can carry out long-distance flight reconnaissance day and night. After finding the target, it can be locked and tracked continuously. The image can be sent back to the command center through the ground station for real-time analysis and judgment.

Dragon VT30 - Dual-Light Payload

  • Optical Zoom: Optical 10x
  • Storage capacity: 128G
  • Video Transmission Resolution: 1080P
  • Thermal Imager: 640*512、19mm
  • Number of gimbal axes: Three axes/360° Heading
  • AI Recognition: General Vehicles, Boats, People

Visible light, infrared and LiDAR ranging, with day and night combat capabilities, can measure the precise distance of the target position through the drone, and provide meter-level target positioning.

Dragon VT36022 - Tri-Light Payload

  • Optical Zoom: Hybrid 30x
  • Laser Ranging: 5~3000m
  • Number of Gimbal Axes: Three axes/360° Heading
  • Storage Capacity: 128G
  • Video Transmission Resolution: 1080P
  • Thermal Imager: 640*480,25mm

Equipped with a 42-megapixel HD orthophoto camera, it can shoot HD orthophoto images of the target position at a long distance, which can quickly produce centimeter-level battlefield command maps and analyze target dynamics in the middle and late stages.

Dragon M7 - HD Camera

  • Total Pixels: 42 Megapixels
  • Focal Length: 40mm
  • Scouting Resolution: 2~3cm
  • Sensor Size: 35.9*24mm
  • Camera Resolution: 7952*5304
  • Single Flight Coverage: 8~10km²

It is specially designed for daytime scenes, with 360° heading free rotation, target locking, picture tracking, and AI frame angle calculation of target position.

Dragon V30S - Single-Light Payload

  • Optical Zoom: Optical 10x
  • Storage Capacity: 128G
  • Total Pixels: 2.48 Megapixels
  • Video Transmission Resolution: 1080P
  • Number of gimbal axes: Three axes/360° Heading
  • AI Recognition: General Vehicles, Boats, People