Airshow China 2022 – LoongUAV Tactical Drone Attracts Attention Due To Russia-Ukraine War

On November 13, 2022, the 14th Airshow China ended perfectly in Zhuhai. Many interesting UAV products were exhibited in this air show, such as the WJ-700 “Falcon” large-scale inspection and attack UAV of the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry, AVIC’s Wing Loong-1E medium and low altitude UAV, LoongUAV’s LOONG 4 multi-rotor precision surveillance tactical drone, China Aerospace Science and Technology’s Rainbow-4 medium-range surveillance drone, etc.

From the previous Naka conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, the battlefields are changing. More and more unmanned equipment has been put into use. Among them, UAVs with various combat purposes are frequently used in wars. Loong 1 is a targeting drone that can provide precise positioning of long-range targets. LOONG 2 is a reconnaissance drone that can be deployed quickly and covertly to detect battlefield conditions. The LOONG 5 is an attack drone that can bombard targets in large areas. The LOONG 4 is a medium-sized multi-rotor UAV. It’s featuring heavy load capacity and long flight duration, which can meet different combat needs and attract the attention of all audiences at the air show.

LOONG 4 can carry four 82mm and six 60mm mortars, lock the target position by the tracking pod, and perform the bombing mission from the air. It supports single-shot and multi-shot modes, and the drop accuracy is less than or equal to 2m, which is suitable for precise strikes in wartime. At the same time, when the tri-light payload is carried, it can also provide meter-level high-precision position data for the target artillery calibration.

LoongUAV designs, develops, manufactures, and markets professional tactical drones, and provides a variety of OEM/ODM services. We are committed to building high cost-performance, lightweight, penetrating, invisibility, modularization, heavy capacity, and long duration drone products. Able to carry out intelligent, accurate and diversified combat tasks in a high-threat battlefield environment.